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dalrymple sheet metal marine boat frame

    Expert steel fabrication services in Townsville

    Do you need a new fuel tank fabricated for your boat or yacht in Townsville? Or perhaps you require a new canopy frame or rail for a seasonal refurbishment? Whatever your boating fabrication needs may be, we have you covered at Dalrymple Sheet Metal.

    Marine fabrication

    At Dalrymple Sheet Metal, we understand that metal is an essential component in the boating industry. Whether you own a fleet of boats for a tour operating company or you have a small boat for occasional leisure purposes, metal structures will make up a large portion of your boat’s furnishings. That’s why it’s essential that you choose a metal fabrication company of the highest quality when it comes to refurbishing part of your boat. 
    Our professional team of fabricators specialise in rails, rocket launchers, canopy frames, fuel tanks and a range of other boat components. We have a wealth of experience serving customers throughout the North Queensland area, working on projects both large and small. All of our items are made from marine grade 316 mirror finish, stainless steel and aluminium, allowing you to choose the style that suits your boat and budget.

    For more information about our marine fabrication services, or for a free quote,
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